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"Also I would like to thank my friends and sponsors that helped get my cars where they are, 1st Roy Anderson (RAE) for the great chassis's, pit secrets, track reading and encouragement all weekend! - Greg Bentley "

"At the 3rd annual midwest outlaw nationals my outlaw late model was a great car the second it hit the track! Started 5th in the A-main and finished 2nd. My 17.5 late model was very good also, it qualified 6th and finished 9th over all. Both cars felt stable through the corners and handled the power out of the corners like they were on rails! Thanks for all the help and for two very fast cars! - Craig Stern "

Thanks Guys, First of all I would like to thank Roy Anderson for the 2 best race cars I have ever owned, To give a little background, We loaded up my wife's car and drove 700 miles with 2 race cars that had never been down a racetrack, got to the track on Thursday morning, set the Super Gas car down and 1st pass it went a 1.63, then set the Funny car down and it went a 1.44. so considering it was 100 degrees I loaded up and went to the AC at the motel, LOL, by the end of the weekend I had made about 40 passes all together, with the best times being sg 1.575@87.4 and fc 1.438@92.1, but best of all is, the cars went down the racetrack every pass except about 3, that is pretty amazing considering how hard it is to get these cars to go straight. Thanks again Roy!

Roy, This email is to inform you that the motor you rebuilt for me exceeded my wildest dream, the performance is unbelievable. I will be ordering a six magent for a 10 cell promod in the near future. Thanks Again, Andrew.

.... I put about 6 runs on it and it was great. I run pro mod, the mph was 79.83 and the et was 1.722, the track record. I would like comm cut and new brushes install. Thank you for a GREAT motor, I do love it.

... I like them a lot! Won my first competition the first time I used the motors. They held the truck steady in a few places others had difficulty negotiating.

Hi Roy, Just thought I'd let you know that I TQ'ed Super Gas in Rialto, Ca with a 1.885 using your 57R body. Will try to better it tomorrow. Great body! Pat

Roy I brought motor #57 last year and it broke the pro-mod track record with r/c rods, 79.83 mph @1.72et...... thank you for a great motor, I'm going to break the record again so send me another great motor please.

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